Rodent Resources - Why Rodent Control?

Why Rodent Control?
Rodents can spread dangerous, and sometimes deadly, diseases. Read more about how controlling rodents will protect the people and things you love.
Why Rodents Must Be Stopped ASAP
  • Mice and rats can spread many dangerous, even sometimes deadly, diseases
  • Rats alone can transmit over 70 diseases, including typhus and bubonic plague – which if you were paying attention in history class, you'll recall killed off one third of Europe's population during the Middle Ages
  • Mice can carry tapeworms and Salmonella bacteria
  • Both mice and rats are messy eaters and spoil far more food than they ever consume
  • Their teeth never stop growing, so they have to constantly chew -- on anything! They will chew on wiring, food packaging, baseboards and even furniture
  • Mice and rats reproduce rapidly -- females can reproduce as early as five weeks of age
  • One female can produce 7 or more generations – literally thousands -- in her short (2 year average) lifetime
  • Rats and mice are communal animals, so there may be SEVERAL females in residence