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Frequently Asked Questions
In-Home Rodent Questions

Q. Where should I place my bait station?

    A. The bait stations low profile design allows for easy placement under or behind stoves, refrigerators, furniture
    or inside cabinets.  Pay close attention to the signs that mice have invaded such as wall rubbings, droppings and gnawing.  Place the bait station near those places that mice have been.

Q. Eeek! I found a dead mouse! What do I do?

    A. Wearing rubber or plastic gloves place the dead mouse in a plastic bag and tightly tie off the bag.  Place the
    bag in an outdoor trash container with a tightly fitting lid.  Wash gloved hands thoroughly with a household disinfectant.  Remove the gloves and wash ungloved hands with a disinfectant labeled for human use.

Q. It’s been a day since I put out the Just One Bite®† EX Bait Station and mice haven’t eaten the bait.  What should I do? 

    A. Mice are typically curious creatures.  If after a couple of nights the mice haven’t touched the bait, it is most likely
    in the wrong location.  Place that bait station in a new location where there has been evidence of mice.

Q. How long does it take for Just One Bite®† EX to work?

    A. The active ingredient in Just One Bite®† EX is bromethalin.  House Mice usually consume a lethal dose in a single feeding, but it may take two or more days from time of bait consumption for them to die.

Q. Will my pets be harmed if they eat mouse or rat poison?

    A. Direct consumption of bromethalin could be harmful to your pet.  Danger to your pet depends on the weight of
    your animal and the amount of bait ingested.  We recommend calling the poison control hotline at 800-234-2269 immediately if ingestion occurs. Don't apply bait where children, pets or other non-target animals may consume it.

Q. What should I do if my pet ingests mouse or rat bait? 

    A. Immediately call the poison control hotline at 800-234-2269.

Q. The mice ate the bait and have died.  How do I keep them from coming back?

    A. Preventing re-infestation takes a sound rodent control strategy.  Seal off all access to food and shelter and keep your home, office or barn clean. 

Q. Can mice and rats fit into the Just One Bite®† EX Bait Station?

    A. The bait station is designed for house mice which can fit in holes as small as a dime!  Fully grown rats will not
    be able to fit into the bait station opening. 


Q. I used to be able to buy individual 1lb bars of Just One Bite®* II for my barn but now I can only find them in 8 lb boxes? 
Where can I find the 1lb bars? 

    A. In June of 2011 the EPA made a ruling that certain products can only be sold in allotments of 8 lbs or more. 
    We are no long able to make individual 1lb bars for resale. 
 Q. Should I open the pellet place packs to spread out the bait?
    A. No.  There is no need to spread out the bait.  Rats and house mice will eat right through the place pack. 
    Read the label for directions on use.
Q. How much bait do I need to kill rats?
    A. One of the most common mistakes in rodent control is underestimating the problem.  In most cases if you
    see one or two rats or mice chances are you have many, many more.
    • Just One Bite®† EX:  Pellets – 2 to 8 place packs per placement, Blocks – 2 to 12 blocks per placement
    • Just One Bite®* II:  Pellets – 3 to 10 place packs per placement, Chunks – 2 to 8 chunks per placement  
Q. What is the best way to bait? 
    A. Bait stations are required for all in-home and outdoor above-ground placements. 
    • Rats: place bait at intervals every 15 to 30 feet in infested areas.
    • Mice: place bait at intervals every 8 to 12 feet in infested areas.
    • Always read and follow label directions when baiting.

Q. Are rodent baits regulated in any way?

    A. Yes, in June of 2011 the EPA Risk Mitigation Decision placed restrictions on which products can be sold for
    in-home use vs. agricultural use. Just One Bite®* II products are now exclusively for agricultural use while Just
    One Bite®† EX can be sold for in-home use as long as it is accompanied with a bait station and in packages of 1 lb or less. 

Q. Are your products EPA compliant?

    A. Yes! We feel that it is important to stay up to date with EPA standards and comply with them in order to keep
    your loved ones safe. 

Q. Why did the EPA change the rules for rodenticides?

    A. The EPA’s goal is to keep children safe from accidental exposure and reduce the risk of accidental poisoning
    to pets and wildlife. 

Q. What active ingredients are used in Just One Bite®* baits?

    A. Just One Bite®† EX uses bromethalin
    A. Just One Bite®* II uses bromadialone


Q. Who should I call in case of an emergency?

    A. If bait is ingested by any non-target animal please call the poison control hotline immediately at 800-234-2269.

Q. Is direct consumption bait toxic to my pet?

    A. Direct consumptions could be harmful to your pet.  Danger to your pet depends on the weight of the animal and the amount of bait ingested.  We recommend calling the poison control hotline at 800-234-2269 immediately if ingestion occurs.

Q. Will my dog or cat die if it eats a dead rodent that died as a result of JOB® bait?

    A. Toxicity to your pet depends on the type of active ingredient ingested by the rodent, the amount of bait ingested, as well as the size of your pet. The chances that your pet will die are low, however, we recommend calling the poison control hotline at 800-234-2269 as a precaution.

General Rat & Mouse Questions

Q. Will rats and mice eat enough bait to die in a single feeding?

    A. House mice and rats usually will consume a lethal dose in a single feeding but it may take 2 or more days to die depending on the type of bait they ate.   

Q. Will rats and mice leave their nest for food? 

    A. House mice usually travel only 10-30 feet from the safety of their home. Roof rats and Norway rats will typically travel 100-150 feet in diameter from their nests in search of food or water.  

Q. How small of an opening can rats and mice fit through?

    A. House mice can fit in spaces as small as a dime while rats can flatten themselves to squeeze through cracks the size of a nickel! 



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